As a new Club member you will have a probationary period of twelve months from the date you acquire your Provisional Pistol Licence from the Firearms Registry. As the holder of a Provisional Pistol Licence, you will be required to fulfill two mandatory requirements as follows :-

  1.   Complete and pass the Pistol Shooting Training Course within three months
  2.   Take part in at least three Club pistol match competitions in the following two months.

Both of these requirements are mandated by the Firearms Registry. The Club is required to submit certification of their completion. This must occur before you can progress and acquire a pistol of your own. This certification needs to be ready one month before the expiration of you Probationary Pistol Licence, which is 6 months, to allow time for processing and forwarding to the Firearms Registry.

Your Training Course will entail at least six weekly training sessions at the Club on our training nights (Wednesday). An evaluation will be made as to safety and competency. Each week, your coach will sign off on a progress sheet after your training session and it is expected that you will be ready to take part in pistol matches within three months. You will then be allowed to shoot on the firing line, initially under direct supervision.

If at the end of the five months training period, you have successfully completed the two requirements as set out above, the Club Committee will then consider you for full Club membership once your application for a full pistol licence has been submitted. You will receive a letter advising you of your full membership.