1. PREPARATION TIME: Until this command is given, pistols are not to be removed from their cases or placed on the bench. This command means the range is clear and the handling of unloaded pistols is permitted with shooters being allowed to take their cased pistols to the bench and prepare for the match.

2. LOAD: No pistol may be loaded before this command is given. On this command, shooters may load their pistols, assume their stance and try their aim. (It should be noted that as part of this command, the Range Officer will announce the nature of the shooting series you are about to fire.

3. START: This command is given in the precision shooting 50m Free Pistol and the 1Om Air Pistol match. It indicates the time allowed has begun and shooting may commence. No shot may be fired before this command.

4. ATTENTION: In events such as in 25m Standard Pistol, 25m Centre Fire Pistol and 25m Rapid Fire events, turning targets are used. On the command 'ATTENTION', the targets will be turned away. When the targets return you may commence shooting. The targets will then tum away when the relevant time has expired.

5. STOP: On this command, shooting must stop immediately. Shooters are to maintain hold of their pistols at the ready position or rested on the bench and wait for further instructions from the Range Officer. It is a serious breech of safety to fire a shot after this command is given. It either means that the time allowed for the series has expired, or that a serious problem has arisen making it necessary for all shooters to stop immediately. Note also that when turning targets are used, the facing away of the target means the same as the STOP command.

6. UNLOAD AND STEP BACK FROM THE LINE: This command means the same as STOP.

7. PISTOLS ARE CLEAR; YOU MAY GO FORWARD, SCORE & PATCH: This indicates the Range Officer has inspected all the pistols on the line and found them clear/empty and safe. Shooters are then permitted to go forward of the line to the targets. NOTE: no person is to approach the benches and/or handle their pistols until all shooters are back behind the line AND the Range Officer has cleared the range.

8. PISTOL CLEAR TO REMOVE: This command indicates that the Range Officer has inspected the pistol and magazine / cylinder to ensure that they are all empty and safe for you to re-case on the bench and remove the cased pistol from the bench and put it away.