1. The club will provide you with an Application for Club Membership and a P650 Declaration Form.

2. You are then required to carry out the following :-

  1.   Complete the application and P650 forms
  2.   Contact Firearms Registry in Murwillumbah on 1300 362 562 and ask for a Licence Application Form.
  3.   Upon receipt and completion of the forms you can then return them to the club. The forms can be returned to the Club Secretary or Assistant Secretary, in their absence the Club President. Once the various forms and ID have been checked and accepted you will be required to pay the relevant club fees. These fees are to cover insurance, capitation to the APA, club fee and range fee. The fee for a full year is $270-00, this could vary depending of the timing of the clubs financial year. On payment of the fee you will have your photograph taken for your ID badge.
  4.   It is important to know that your membership to The City of Maitlland Pistol Club is probationary for twelve (12) months, if for any reason your membership is not accepted you will only be reimbursed $100. The remainder of the monies will already have been paid out for insurance and capitation fees which is non-refundable.
  5.   You will be issued with a training manual and Club rule book which you need to read before your first training session. Please bring the book to that first session.

3. Initial Training :-

  1.   The first training session will be orientation and an understanding of the club manual.
  2.   A pistol safe handling course.

4. On acceptable completion of the initial training session :-

  1.   You will be given a pistol safe handling course Completion Certificate.
  2.   Your application for a provisional pistol licence will be signed by the club secretary, president or club captain.

IMPORTANT: You must then send the Licence Application and Completion Certificate to the Firearms Registry as soon as possible.

5. After you receive/produce to the club your probationary pistol licence :-

  1.   the following 6-weeks will be the mandatory comprehensive pistol firearms safety training course in which you will attend and sign off on each training session. This training must be completed within 3-months.
  2.   After completing the safety training course you are required to participate in at least (three) 3 complete recorded club organized competitive shoots to the satisfaction of the clubs executive. This must be completed within 2-months.
  3.   The total training time is to be a 5-month period. The club is obliged to notify firearms registry within the 6-months whether or not this has occurred. Failure to notify could lead to disqualification of the probationary licence

6.   After six (6) months you can apply for a PTA to purchase a pistol.

7.   After the Probationary Licence period (12-months) Firearms Registry will notify you that you may apply for a full licence.