Every person on the range is required to strict observance of the range rules:

   1.  NO MEMBER IS TO SHOOT ON THEIR OWN. Another member or visitor must act as an observer and that observer must possess a full pistol licence.

   2.  No copper jacketed ammunition or magnum ammunition is to be used on Club Ranges with the exception of .22 magnum non-jacketed ammunition, which is allowed. The discharge of centre-fire rifles or shotguns is prohibited on Club premises at all times.

   3.  Enclosed footwear must be worn at all times on the firing line.

   4.  Club pistols will be available on most calendar shoots and on training days. New starters and juniors have priority with Club pistols.

   5.  After shooting has finished, members are expected to clean up after themselves. Targets should be returned to the storage shed and all rubbish is to be collected and disposed of in the bins provided.