Thinking and practicing safe conduct at all times will fulfill your obligation to your Sport, your Club, your fellow shooter, and yourself.

We make NO APOLOGIES for requiring strict observance of the Club's general, administrative, and safety rules:

   1.  Immediately on arrival at the Range, every member must scan their ID into the electronic logbook.

   2.  All visitors, whether competitors or spectators, must sign their names and write their address (or club) in the visitors book. Any member that brings a visitor must sign them in and accept responsibility for their behavior.

   3.  ID badges must be worn at all times when on the Range.

   4.  Your Pistol Licence must be carried at all times whilst on the Range and be available to show the Range Captain and/or Range Officer on request especially on the Firing Line.

   5.  The Club Notice Board displays information regarding social events, competitions held at our Club and other Clubs, alterations to match rules and other matters of interest and concern to members. The Notice Board is situated above the sign-in bench for your convenience and you should check it whenever you attend the Club.

   6.  Every person attending the Club, whether member or visitor, places themselves under the control of the Range Captain and the Range Officer or his/her assistants and must at all times comply with their lawful directions.

   7.  No person on the Range shall refuse to obey any lawful and/or reasonable direction given by a Range Officer or any other official in the conduct of the affairs of the Club.