The City of Maitland Pistol Club is a not-for-profit Incorporated Organisation that is open to all members of the Public to attend or join and enjoy the sport of Pistol Shooting.

The Club operates according its Constitution that is available for all members to view on request and on this website.

The range caters the following common pistol matches;
 1. Standard Pistol
 2. Centre Fire Pistol / Sport Pistol
 3. Rapid Fire Pistol
 4. 10m Air Pistol
 5. Service Pistol 25m and 50m
 6. Black Powder 25m and 50m
 7. 22 Cal Metalic Silhouette
The success of the Club highly depends on volunteers who are committed to improving and maintaining the Club and its facilities. All offers of assistance are very welcome and if you possess any particular skill or interest that you feel may be of assistance to the operation and management of the Club, we would love to hear from you.

There is a Committee of Management that meets on the last Sunday of each month. There is an Annual General Meeting (AGM) held for all members.

A Club Calendar is produced that sets out the competition program for the year as well as the dates of the above meetings.

Each member is required to attend and shoot at the Club a specific number of times depending on the type and quantity of guns possessed. Information on this can be found in the relevant Fact Sheet contained in the NSW Firearms Registry Website. Alternatively you can call the Registry or send them an e-mail they do usually respond.

The Club asks that Members attend a minimum of 12 shoots per year, preferably once a month. Attendance will be recorded by scanning your ID with the electronic attendance logbook and recording a score with the electronic scoring machine.